We are gem seekers!

We are considered gem seekers. We search for treasures to enrich our lives and create masterpieces to add spice to our everyday living. So after much brainstorming we have come up with the name of our blog and we only hope to deliver a plethora of gems to eachother and other gem seekers that are out there. The only rule to this blog is that we share the gems of our lives, whether it be materialistic or gems of our everyday life. So let it begin....

So far I have enlisted Angie Hronek to become a gem seeker. She became one on the 4th of September, 2010.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nobody knows the crafting I've done

Well, I don't want to let this here blog fall by the way side, even if it has been a little neglected since September and I did promise to show you how to make baby leg warmers out of socks. So here are the crafts I have been up to recently!

1. I painted my house! Before, it was some really ugly tanish-orange ish faux paint, and a pink color in the entry way.  It really was ugly, the pictures don't do it justice.  So I consulted with two ladies from my home ward who are interior designers and paint for the tour of homes and such.  We ended up going with wine stain for the accent walls with a charcoal glaze, and a nice olive green everywhere else.  Doug, Anne, my mom, and Grandma and Grandpa Hronek came out to help.  I LOVE my family. They are true champs.  After two days, it was completely finished. If we had done it ourselves, it would have been a month.  Easy.  Here are the pics.


Wine stain and glaze

2. I made leg warmers! Ok, I got adult socks that were cute and long at Target.  I think I would buy the thigh-high socks next time, and they are usually on sale for two dollars.  Then I cut the sock apart.

The next part I did in a really dumb way.  So these are THE RIGHT instructions.  See the part that goes around the arch of your foot? Roll it inside itself so the raw edges are together and you have one folded edge and it's still in a tube.  I don't have a picture of the right way, but here is how I did it.

I put the right sides together with the long part inside the arch part and sewed across the top.  To do this the easier way, fold up the other side of the arch part (closest to the bottom on this picture) so all three raw edges are together, and then sew. That way, your seam is hidden and you only have to sew one line.  

See how I had to hem up the bottom? No need when you do it the right way.  Also, you have to stretch the sock as you sew so that the thread will have a little give over your youngsters chubby little legs ;).  But I ran into a problem with this when I realized my thread was going to show.  Because when you stretch, it bubbles.

SO. Bottom line, just do it the folding way.  Then you can stretch it more and it won't show at all. Cute cute cute. Here they are on my little niece, Daphne aka Daffs.  

3. I made tile coasters! There were a ton of three by three tiles in our basement when we moved in.  I have been using them all up for crafts.  After I used a substantial amount, I realized we probably had enough to tile the basement bathroom if I didn't use them.  Oops.  Too late! Anyways, for these ones I just got Stayz-on ink pad from Michael's, picked out my favorite set of stamps, got ink remover just in case I messed up, then stamped away! I cut a piece of felt for the back, and these puppies were done.  They made great neighbor gifts at Christmas time!

4. I also made a sheet music wreath.  Are you getting tired of these projects yet? I think Eric might be. Anyway, I got a big pack of antique sheet music from, what do you know, an antique store. For ten dollars. I have been seeing these things all over blog land, and I really liked 'em. Pretty easy, just rolled them into a cone and glued them all together with craft glue.  Then I cut a piece of cardboard into a doughnut shape to give it support on the back, and that was it. Love it! and I love my cool globe my mom gave me for Christmas.  Thanks Ma! 

This picture is HUGE. I don't know why. 

Ok, this is the last craft one, and then I have some Husband gems to share, just to prove what we already know...that Eric is truly great. 

5. I got a white picket fence on ksl for five dollars.  And then I convinced Eric to put it up on the wall. He really actually cares about the decor in our house, so I always let him have a say, and he didn't really want this, but I REALLY wanted this.  And he let me.  And now I feel bad because I have no idea where I want to go with this thing.  So, and HELP or ADVICE or SUGGESTIONS would be appreciated.  Here it is: 

Its pretty cute.  My first idea to spice it up a bit was to hang old bottles from it.  Then, I decided I wanted to hang old, rusty skeleton keys from it.  So I got some from Tai Pan Trading.  I really like them.  But I'm not sure if I like them on the fence.
Looks weird, right? So now I'm stuck. Just three keys looks silly.  But what else looks good on a fence? I found one other person on the Internet who put a fence on her wall, and she hung porcelain pots from it. I didn't like it.  So now I'm thinking: Picture frames?? Cool knobs? iron coat hanging hooks? I DON'T KNOW!! So, tell me what you think.  Should I just take the fence down all together? Leave it plain? What do you think it needs??
Alright, on to the husband.  Back in the fall, one of our rosebushes decided to bloom.  And every once in a while, Eric would cut a few for me to cheer me up.  They were beautiful.

This is more of a funny story.  We like slack lining.  Eric likes it so much, he wants to do it in our back yard instead of driving two minutes to a local park.  So, while I was at work one Saturday, he installed this giant pole.  Smack dab in the middle of our back yard.  With cement. He was so excited to show me, I couldn't get mad.  So I just stared at him. And then he realized what he just did, and we both laughed really hard about it. 

This thing is really really ugly.  It's still out in our back yard.  He cut it in half to try and get me to like it a little better.  I think I will ask him to take it out for my birthday or our anniversary or something. But for now, I love this boy.  And I know he put this pole in our backyard because he honestly thought I would LOVE IT. 

Well, that's it for now! Sorry, this is so long.  Can't wait to hear from you on here soon! 
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crack a Little Smile

I saw this van driving in front of me. I hope they feel great knowing that everywhere they drive they are making someone on the road smile

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Angie-- Awesome gems. I love your new casa and of course the man you are standing with. And your revamp of your treasure found on KSL! I like the tall and skinny look.
So I found my camera cord (it was in the console of my car) so here are some adventures we had this past weekend..love ya

We stumbled upon this beautiful lake/park last Sunday. It's only about a five minute drive from our double wide. Its called Lake Sawyer...

This is the path...so green...so lovely...

Some gems we found along the way........
How cute are these little pine-cones?

These little frogs were all over the path....
Bella wore the right PJ's right?
There were Lilly Pads everywhere. I have a
fetish with Lilly Pads, especially when they
have flowers on them.

Lake Sawyer was good to us...We will be back.. :)

Last Sunday I put some shoes on Bella and she couldn't get over it. She played with them for a long time and was laughing and talking to them.

Bella is telling me to push her higher! This picture describes how bossy she is. Where does she get that? :)
Hope you are enjoying your week....I will post Bella's dresser tomorrow
and her bunting that I finally finished....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Recent Gems!

Well isn't this grand?! I am so pleased to be able to participate in the seeking and sharing of life's little gems. This is Angie, by the way. And here are my recently found treasures!

Who has two thumbs and loves this guy? I DO! He is a handsome little cuss and a great husband!

This is our new house! We purchased it on 8/9/10 and we love living here. We are the youngest couple in the neighborhood. Its funny to watch people's eyes get wide when we tell them we have been married for three months. Gotta start somewhere people!

Ta Da!! I found this guy on KSL for ten doll-hairs and I had to have it as my first project! This dresser used to be Lexi's, and she let everyone know it by writing her name all over it in various types of writing utensils-pen, pencil, sharpie, etc.

And here is Lexi's ex-chest of drawers all made over! I was super nervous because I didn't really know what I was doing, but it turned out way better than I thought! Sanding the edges was so exciting and really made the difference I think! and those handles were free ninety free from a dresser we saw next to a dumpster in Pocatello.

Now I just want to find some cheap wall paper to line the drawers and this ugly duckling will be completely transformed! Ya!

Well, that's all for now!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So I have some gems to reveal but I can't find my camera cord anywhere. Its driving me crazy. But I did find this in the archives of my computer. Meg I love you!! I hope you become a gem seeker. I know you would add a lot of spunk to this blog!