We are gem seekers!

We are considered gem seekers. We search for treasures to enrich our lives and create masterpieces to add spice to our everyday living. So after much brainstorming we have come up with the name of our blog and we only hope to deliver a plethora of gems to eachother and other gem seekers that are out there. The only rule to this blog is that we share the gems of our lives, whether it be materialistic or gems of our everyday life. So let it begin....

So far I have enlisted Angie Hronek to become a gem seeker. She became one on the 4th of September, 2010.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Angie-- Awesome gems. I love your new casa and of course the man you are standing with. And your revamp of your treasure found on KSL! I like the tall and skinny look.
So I found my camera cord (it was in the console of my car) so here are some adventures we had this past weekend..love ya

We stumbled upon this beautiful lake/park last Sunday. It's only about a five minute drive from our double wide. Its called Lake Sawyer...

This is the path...so green...so lovely...

Some gems we found along the way........
How cute are these little pine-cones?

These little frogs were all over the path....
Bella wore the right PJ's right?
There were Lilly Pads everywhere. I have a
fetish with Lilly Pads, especially when they
have flowers on them.

Lake Sawyer was good to us...We will be back.. :)

Last Sunday I put some shoes on Bella and she couldn't get over it. She played with them for a long time and was laughing and talking to them.

Bella is telling me to push her higher! This picture describes how bossy she is. Where does she get that? :)
Hope you are enjoying your week....I will post Bella's dresser tomorrow
and her bunting that I finally finished....

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