We are gem seekers!

We are considered gem seekers. We search for treasures to enrich our lives and create masterpieces to add spice to our everyday living. So after much brainstorming we have come up with the name of our blog and we only hope to deliver a plethora of gems to eachother and other gem seekers that are out there. The only rule to this blog is that we share the gems of our lives, whether it be materialistic or gems of our everyday life. So let it begin....

So far I have enlisted Angie Hronek to become a gem seeker. She became one on the 4th of September, 2010.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Recent Gems!

Well isn't this grand?! I am so pleased to be able to participate in the seeking and sharing of life's little gems. This is Angie, by the way. And here are my recently found treasures!

Who has two thumbs and loves this guy? I DO! He is a handsome little cuss and a great husband!

This is our new house! We purchased it on 8/9/10 and we love living here. We are the youngest couple in the neighborhood. Its funny to watch people's eyes get wide when we tell them we have been married for three months. Gotta start somewhere people!

Ta Da!! I found this guy on KSL for ten doll-hairs and I had to have it as my first project! This dresser used to be Lexi's, and she let everyone know it by writing her name all over it in various types of writing utensils-pen, pencil, sharpie, etc.

And here is Lexi's ex-chest of drawers all made over! I was super nervous because I didn't really know what I was doing, but it turned out way better than I thought! Sanding the edges was so exciting and really made the difference I think! and those handles were free ninety free from a dresser we saw next to a dumpster in Pocatello.

Now I just want to find some cheap wall paper to line the drawers and this ugly duckling will be completely transformed! Ya!

Well, that's all for now!

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